Antipodes Deep Submersible


305 Meter Manned Submersible

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Antipodes is a deep sea manned submersible with proven experience and an excellent safety record. She is well equipped and operationally dive-ready, having completed her three year American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Classification Survey in February, 2017 that included a complete disassembly and inspection, as well as certification deep dive.

With six individual 5HP electric thrusters, Antipodes is highly maneuverable at depth and extremely comfortable for pilot and up to four crew. She features two large 58” clear hemispheric acrylic domes on both bow and stern that provide a unique platform for excellent viewing and real time crew collaboration.

Operating as either a stand-alone platform or working in tandem with other technologies (ROV, AUV, Sat-Diver) and equipment, Antipodes can be quickly configured to meet specific client needs and efficiently perform a wide range of underwater tasks including:

  • Visual inspection and observation
  • Data collection and sampling
  • Sonar mapping
  • Film production

This modular approach to hardware configuration and crew composition means Antipodes is ideally suited to projects where requirements and conditions may vary between dives.

Take a virtual tour of Antipodes. Click and drag or scroll to get a feel for the interior of our submarine.

Key Benefits

When it comes to efficient deployment in any location, Antipodes offers the following benefits:

  • Rapid mobilization and demobilization due to compact size and weight
  • Can be containerized and shipped anywhere
  • Deploys off of any ship of opportunity
  • Does not require a man-rated crane (minimum rated crane capacity: SWL 10 tons)
  • Can operate in sea state 3
  • Can be surfaced towed using built-in bridle and rigging
  • Fully autonomous: Does not need tether or tethering related equipment
  • Speed approximately 2.5 knots
  • Large internal volume with over 4.4 cubic meters of space

A unique feature of Antipodes is two 58” diameter domes that allow for unparalled viewing from bow and stern.

Key Features and Highlights

Safety and Classification Components:

  • ABS classed to 305 meters (1,000 feet)
  • Annual survey completed in February, 2017
  • All systems and equipment documented and archived

Emergency Equipment and Recovery systems:

  • Life support systems for 72 hours (with five crew members)
  • Analox CO2 monitoring system
  • 1600’ emergency release tether and surface buoy
  • Towing bridle and steel spreader bar
  • Emergency backup power, hydraulic, oxygen and high pressure air systems

Tools and Technology:

  • Film, still photography and video imaging capabilities through dome (external camera equipment can be mounted)
  • Teledyne BlueView™ sonar equipped
  • External lighting LED and Halogen (multiple unit & array configurable)

Long Duration Dives:

  • Current systems sufficient to allow five people to stay down for 8 - 10 hours with 72 additional hours of life support. If crew is reduced to three persons, then over three days with reserves is feasible.

Antipodes on the surface prior to launch.

Technical Vessel Specifications:

  • Owner: OceanGate, Incorporated, Seattle, Washington
  • Builder: Perry Submersibles, Florida
  • Year: 1973/2000/2013
  • Hull Number: PC1501
  • Hull VIN: US/WNZ18473G696
  • Registration: US/WA WN9815NZ (Expires 6/30/2018)
  • Certification: ABS Identification #7310882
  • Annual: February, 2017 (next inspection, Feb. 2018)
  • Special: February, 2017 (next inspection, Feb. 2021)
  • Hull Material: HY100 steel
  • Depth Rating: 305 Meters (maximum depth 1,000 feet)
  • View ports: 2 x 58” O.D. acrylic domes
  • Capacity: 5 persons or 850 pounds at max payload
  • Weight: 14,400 pounds
  • Length: 4.2 meters (13.6 feet)
  • Beam Width: 2.5 meters (8.3 feet)
  • Height: 2.7 meters (8.7 feet)
  • Power: 120 VDC – 2 independent banks of 15 lead acid 8VDC cells (Newly installed 2017; ABS Special Certified)
  • Thrusters: Six 5 HP Tecnadyne thrusters
    - Four horizontal
    - Two vertical
  • Endurance: Life Support: 3 days
  • Communications: ScubaPhone underwater communications system
  • Tracking: Linkquest 1500
  • Icom surface VHF radio